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GPS & GNSS Products

Choose a powerful GPS and GNSS solutions and enable field personnel to collect precise positioning data in the most challenging conditions.
  • RTK Survey Kit

    Rover & Base GPS receivers and accessories
    ● Outstanding Waterproof Capability ● Extremely Rugged Housing ● Advanced OLED Screen ● Inbuilt Radio Transmitter ● Inbuilt Double Batteries ● Inbuilt GPRS/GSM Module

  • RTK Survey Kit

    Rover & Base GPS receivers and accessories
    ● High speed processing ● Support for post-processing and kinematic ● Processing ability separate or to be combined with GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou

  • Differential Signal Transmission External Radio

    ● DDTHPB series 30W external radio for professional RTK Survey ● Variable transmission power(5W/10W/20/30W) according to working distance.

Total Stations & Levels

Presenting you with precision optics that maximize productivity, scalability to adapt challenges in the field.
  • Optical Level

    ● Enhanced magnetic/air damping compensator ● Excellent shockproof function with patent ● Practical dustproof & waterproof capability ● High cost performance yet durable

  • Digital Level

    ● Automatic Reading ● High Accuracy ● Fast Computation ● High Efficiency ● Automatic error compensation

  • Total Station

    ● Measuring range without prism :300m ● Easy to use, operate by direct touch or press the keyboard according to your habit. ● extended memory ● Dual axis compensation ● Dual sides with graphic display ● Buit-in Softwar

LASER Measuring Devices

Quick and Precise Measurements | Accurate Readout
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lasers

    ● Automatic self-levelling
    ● dust and water protection for outdooruse
    ● Variable scanning and laser point mode for optimum beam visibility.

  • Rotating Laser Receiver

    Digital level indication in millimeters ● Extra long receiving window ● mm-Indication of difference between laserplane and “0” level ● “0” position can be defined (Offset)

  • Laser Distance Meters

    ● Measure distances of up to 40 m
    ● Compact and lightweight
    ● Distance, area and volumes
    ● Height measurement using Pythagoras function
    ● Addition and subtraction of measurements

Survey Accessories

Durable and reliable to enhance the accuracy and survey efficiency
  • Horizontal and Vertical Lasers

    All types of prisms available

  • Tripods

    All types of Tripods are available

  • Survey staff

    All types and lenghts of Survey staff available