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GeoTech is located at Riyadh, and is a registered member of Chamber of Commerce and Industries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide state-of-the-art solutions based on leading industry methodologies and frameworks with business structure spread in the areas of Geographical Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing, Land Survey and Environmental Management. We help organizations gain valuable business insights and provide dynamic technology solutions for managing various verticals, such as Land Resources, Water Resources, Forestry, Agriculture, Utilities, Transportation and more. Since the inception, we have successfully executed more than 100 projects in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, we are in the market with wide variety of:

●    Land survey instruments and their accessories
●    Environmental quality monitoring equipments
●    Weather stations
●    Vehicle Tracking System for Fleet Management
●    Computer hardware (Printers, ware house control systems) etc.

Our service centre is well equipped for the calibration and repairing of all sorts of survey instruments in a reasonable time and price. Our clients include Ministry of Agriculture, different Municipalities, Universities and other private sectors. We are previllaged to be a certified vendor of SABIC and ARAMCO.

  • vision

    To be unique value to deliver innovative and advanced services, and be partners in development and growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through excellence in our services, bring the best services and new technologies.

  • Mission

    Provide excellent services and high quality promotion to the aspirations and customer satisfaction, and strengthen the link with customers by flexibly meet the requirements. And use of better services and new technologies, and offer the highest level of services that we offer.

  • Our values

    Our values are:

    ●    Effective Communication with our customers
    ●    Integrity by focusing to our vision, mission and work plans through trusted       work force
    ●    Transparency in corporate level to build trust with customers

  • ●    To be responsible for every project we execute. We believe success is a            motivation to achieve major successes
    ●    we acknowledge responsibility for unsuccessful projects in order to avoid         mistakes in the future.
    ●   Every employee at GeoTech is fully committed to contribute to the success      of the client, because this equally translates into the success of employee       and GeoTech

Our Valued Clients

We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.